Flipped Learning Websites

The Daily Riff – lots of good articles about learning, innovation and tech
The Flipped Class Network – a social network dedicated to educators interested in the flip
Vodcasting and the Flipped Classroom – Jerry Overmyer is devoted to teaching educators how to use vodcasting to flip their classrooms
Flipped – a website maintained by the board members of the Flipped Learning Network                                                                                                     – Jon Bergmann’s website – a published author in the field and pioneer.


Flipped Learning – tons of video resources on the subject
TED Education – TED Ed’s youtube channel – TED’s new educational initiative
Bozeman Biology – Paul Anderson’s youtube channel – science, biology, chemistry and educational videos
Flipped Learning – tons of video resources on the subject
The flipped classroom explained in 20 minutes by Aaron Sams                                           Defining Digital Literacy – a presentation on the definition of digital literacy by Renee Hobbs

Educational Theory
Universal Design for Learning – a way to teach to the individual, not the middle                 Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy – a detailed look at the different taxonomic levels

Educational Technology
THE Journal – an online magazine about transforming education through technology
Emerging Ed Tech – how to implement and support technology in the classroom
MindShift – a site about the future of education and the role of technology
Innovations in Online Learning – Jenni Lynn Martin keeps us up to date with the latest headlines in educational technology
iPad in Education! – loads of articles about how to use iPads in schools

Interesting Articles
In the Classroom of Future Stagnant Scores – NY times article questioning the benefits of increased tech in schools
An alternative vote: applying science to the teaching of science – An article from the economist about the results of a study on inverted instruction.
Educator’s Voice: What’s All this Talk about Flipping? A great summary of the history, benefits and concerns of flipped classrooms.                                                            Flipping the Classroom – Another article from the Economist about the potential benefits of flipped learning.                                                                                                              There’s More Than One Way to Flip a Classroom – a brief summary from the ISTE 2012 conference in Education Week                                                                                        The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con – a FANTASTIC article from Edutopia that critically examines this model

Practical Technology
Looking to make screencasts? Here’s a video about the difference between Screenflow and Camtasia
Teach with your iPad – using your iPad as an education tool
Shamblesguru’s iPad – learn about iPad apps here
Presentation Apps from Shambles 

iOS Education App Review – awesome collection of sites on educational apps – v. useful!

10 Incredible iPad Apps for Education – some impressive apps for all sorts of purposes

10 Great Youtube Tips Every Educator Should Know – this is great if you are going to make your own videos and post them to share

Using your iPad as a graphics tablet – it can be done! Much thanks to Shamblesguru!

77 Web Resources for Teachers to Explore This Summer – from Teachers Guide on the Use of the iPad in Education – from Educational Technology and Online Learning

103+ Interesting Way to use iPads in the Classroom – a slideshow of different ideas – a simple way to get organized                                                                 ThinkBinder – an app for real time collaboration


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