“When one is building a ship, one does not begin with gathering timber and cutting planks, but rather by arousing in people the yearning for the great wide sea.” ~ Antoine de St. Exupery


As an educator my goal is to inspire, challenge and engage my students in the love of learning. I strive to accomplish this by creating classrooms where curiosity and creativity are required and rewarded. Throughout the course of my career, my role as a teacher has been redefined to that of a learning facilitator and coach. I aim to help students achieve their learning goals in a safe and caring community. I endeavor to create an environment that nurtures the needs and interests of my pupils. In my classroom, science is used as a vehicle to help students develop lifelong skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. My students are encouraged to become open-minded, respectful citizens and lifelong learners.  I hope that by the time my students have graduated, they will leave with a set of skills that will enable them to be successful in whatever path they choose.

I heard someone say once that students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This statement has truly influenced my philosophy of pedagogy and continues to prove itself over and over again in my experience.


Being a teacher means genuinely caring about the success of your students in more ways than one. I care about empowering my students academically by giving them the tools they need to inquire, discover and demonstrate their understanding with meaningful lessons and authentic assessments. I care about empowering them emotionally by providing them with a safe space to build their self-confidence, feel comfortable to take risks, make friends and feel understood. I care about empowering them socially by encouraging them to be leaders and model a community of acceptance, democracy and respect for the environment so that they can all be successful members of our global society.


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