About Me

I have been a (professional) teacher for 5 years – the last 3 of which I have spent at an incredible international school in Hong Kong. I currently teach IB biology and grade 9 science, but I also coordinate the global issues network at our school. I constantly strive to improve my practice, hence I have started this blog in order to chronicle and reflect on my experiences. I am interested in getting students excited about science and biology and to create meaningful learning opportunities for them. I also strive to get students involved in the local community beyond the classroom walls and promote awareness about global issues.

My current (long term) goals include…

  • Becoming proficient in technology that wasn’t available when I was a student such as movie editing software.
  • Finding ways to incorporate educational technology into ALL aspects of the learning cycle – not just for information delivery.
  • Moving beyond traditional classroom methods and incorporating ideologies such as modelling, reverse instruction, and project based learning.
  • Documenting and reflecting on the daily occurrences in my classroom as I embark on the challenge to really practice what I preach in terms of my pedagogical philosophy.
  • Continuing to try to show as many students as possible the value of community service, leadership and stewardship of the Earth.
  • Emphasizing that learning goes so much further than the classroom and success is not simply measured by a grade on a report card.
  • Staying on top of my blog and not letting it fizzle out – especially as a means of communicating with parents who do not have access to our LMS.
  • Taking charge of my own professional development through online research and attending conferences.
  • Sharing my learning and experiences through twitter and the blog.
  • Doing what’s best for my students.

Really this blog is a place for me to keep track of the 5 billion thoughts that are going through my head at any one time. But hopefully there will be something worthwhile here for others so feel free to browse through!


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