Why I hate technology….sometimes.

I really hate technology. Sometimes.

This blog post is more of a rant than anything else. I just need to get it off my chest that there are occasions when technology really f****** sucks and I wish I was holding a piece of chalk and not an interactive white board pen. Allow me to elaborate. I’m referring to those times when technology fails to actually work. You all know exactly what I mean. That time when you have the most amazing video clip from YouTube to share at the beginning of class and it refuses to load. You stand up there looking like a moron thinking “why didn’t I download this last night?” Oh yeah – because I expected the wireless to WORK! That’s why. Or you try to open a keynote on your computer and all you get is the spinning colour wheel of death and sighs from the students. “Sorry about this guys – it was working before I swear!” you say as you frantically start coming up with excuses for why your MacBook is a giant piece of crap. It’s moments like these that make me rue the day I decided to incorporate as much tech as possible into my program.

Another example – when I returned from summer break, my Promethean board was broken. And of course I didn’t realize this until the first day of class.  Luckily the clickers still worked so I could do my awesome opening activity, but it means I now have to switch classrooms with another patient individual every time I want to use the board properly. Pain in the butt. And if one more person tells me to try turning it on and off again, I might just stab them with that stupid pen.

I know what you are thinking – I sound like the most spoiled teacher on Earth. “Oh no my iPod isn’t working! I have to go all the way to the library to borrow a new one. Boo hoo poor me and my first world problems.” I’m aware. But it is seriously frustrating when you have spent HOURS on your weekends/holidays putting together activities that simply require technology to do its job and it refuses! Or you are introducing something new and innovative with the students and because of one seemingly irrelevant box that you haven’t checked in the settings menu it doesn’t function properly (MOODLE I’m looking at you!). I simply do not have the patience, time or energy to deal with these annoyances. Frankly I find it extremely embarrassing when these glitches happen in class – as if the students think I am disorganized and unprepared for the lesson. I don’t want them to lose interest because they can’t access a simulation or it takes 20 minutes to load a quiz. They get distracted and lose focus. How can I blame them? Now I will also have to double the time creating lessons as I will have to include a back up plan. I’m supposed to have a life when exactly?

All I’m saying is that when chalk breaks, you just get another piece.


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