Tired_and_Uninspired_by_twinphotographyWhen I was in high school, one of my real passions was learning languages. I took every single course I was ever offered, even if that meant coming in early at 7:30 am or studying over the summer break. I took Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, and Greek and had they offered ancient church slavonic, I probably would have taken that too. However, I knew that I never wanted to be a languages teacher because I didn’t want my career to kill my passion. I wanted to keep it as a hobby; a personal interest that would not get squashed because I was forced to teach it to students who did not share in my gluttony for polyglotism. In Canada, French is a required subject and therefore you may be stuck with a class of 35 fourteen-year olds that have little interest and even less ability in the language. It sounded like torture. Little did I know that becoming a biology teacher has now actually increased my love of science far beyond what I had expected! Anyways, the point of this blog post is that lately, despite my intrinsic interest, I am finding that my attention span for learning about education and improving my practice is waning. Big time. I am constantly inundated on twitter with new information and posts like “5 billion new awesome apps on the iPad that you must know now!” or “Flipped learning is great – no wait it’s bad!” I’m just finding myself so overwhelmed that my natural instinct is to tune out and watch brainless TV like Dr. Phil (oh wow this mom glued her kid to the wall…crazy!). Yet I see so many of my colleagues, on their summer holiday, still engaged with learning. Still blogging, reading, thinking, reflecting, planning and creating. I started out with great intentions and motivation…but I feel like I’m losing steam. It doesn’t help that I only see my family and friends once a year because I live abroad and want to spend lots of time with them. And the weather outside is so gorgeous – I want to go out and play! So my questions to all of my colleagues out there are:

How do you stay motivated? How do you keep your passion alive?

Are you feeling burnt out or overwhelmed like me?

What do you do to find balance?

Would love to hear from you!

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