Simpsons Already Did It

My blog is starting to remind me of an awesome South Park episode from the 6th season called “Simpsons Already Did It.” If you don’t watch South Park (shame on you!) then let me summarize for you and see if you can make the connection. One of the characters is trying to come up with an original “horrible deed” to wreak havoc and chaos in the town. However, every single idea he thinks of has already been featured on an episode of The Simpsons. He is constantly reminded of this by his sidekick who repeats the line “Simpsons did it!” over and over. The episode itself is very clever as the separate main plot line is also a rip off of a Simpsons episode.

So do you see the point I am trying to make? I am starting to feel like every time I think of an idea for a blog post the line “Simpsons did it!” pops into my head. The other day I came up with what I thought was a great idea for a post about twitter and youtube. And literally, no sooner had the thought entered my mind, that on my twitter feed comes up someone else’s blog post on the exact same thing! And better written than I could have done! This has happened to me on so many occasions that I am beginning to think that I cannot come up with one original thought. And I don’t want to be accused of plagiarising someone else’s work that I haven’t even read yet.

At the end of the SP episode, however, the characters explain that The Simpsons has been around for years and it’s inevitable that there will be overlap of ideas. The Simpsons itself even borrows content from older shows such as the Twilight Zone. And so some of my blog posts will be repetitive, even redundant versions of better written articles from experts who are older and wiser than me. But the point is, that’s ok. Actually, that’s good. It means that there are A LOT of us out there exploring ways to be better teachers, to refine our practice, to be reflective. I think it’s amazing that there are so many people writing about the same great things in their own unique voices. We are all writing, therefore we are all thinking and by doing so through blogging we are also connecting and networking.

So let’s all blog about flipped classrooms, mastery learning, modeling etc…and all the great things that are happening in education and in our classrooms. Let’s collaborate with other like-minded individuals to create better schools. Let’s continue to share and support each other with positive feedback and constructive criticism. Let’s show the world – in our own individual ways – that we are all after the same thing – great schools for our students.

The irony is, someone else has probably already written this exact same post on their blog – SIMPSONS DID IT!

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2 thoughts on “Simpsons Already Did It

  1. Hi Juliana! I am so happy it is summer and I now have time again to catch up blog reading and discover new ones (yours!). I know exactly how you feel about blog topics, at first when i started (all the way back to last July, haha) I could not find a topic, idea, that seemed that I was adding anything to the conversation, I felt redundant to the conversation. But as time went one I did discover that I actually had things that I both wanted and needed to say and sort through. So I guess the blog became more of a conversation with myself about topics that I was trying to work through. I still am trying to figure out who exactly I am writing to, when I write, myself or the world out there. At the end, I don’t think it really matters, just like you explained avoe that we share, we connect and learning together (no more lonley learning!). Great to connect and discover you and your blog!! Look forward to learning with you.

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