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Who’s Minding the Store?

Gamification, project based learning, flipped classrooms, STEM, maker education…these are just a few popular pieces of jargon that any connected educator will have come across in the last year.

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Blended Learning with Blackboard

My last post was a reflection on the philosophical and pedagogical takeaways from #BBworld14. In this post I discuss the more practical things I learned at this conference. Here are some new features (and old features we now have access to!) that I’m keen to try out this year. In order of excitement:

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How do we teach in the in-betweens?

What does it mean to reimagine education?

This is the question I had to ask myself this summer as I attended Blackboard World 2014 in Las Vegas – a conference for educators, administrators and technology leaders using the LMS in their schools.

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New Beginnings

This year I started a new job at a new school. For the first time I am in a leadership position as chair of the science department. With this new role comes new responsibilities and challenges that can feel overwhelming, but there’s always an adjustment period that comes with change.

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What I Learned From a MOOC

This summer, while my students and colleagues were on holiday, I sent myself back to school. To be more specific, I joined my first ever MOOC. For those who are unaware of the meaning behind this slightly absurd acronym, it stands for Massive Online Open Course – a web-based educational phenomenon that is gaining popularity among post-secondary institutions. Continue reading “What I Learned From a MOOC”

When your students read your blog

It’s a funny thing when you find out your students read your blog.

I don’t know why I was surprised at first. New posts are automatically published on Twitter and Facebook – two very public spaces. Although my blog is mostly my own mental dumping ground, I do enjoy sharing my experiences with others. Continue reading “When your students read your blog”

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